Sumwin Patented and Cost-Effective Technology to Mitigate 3-Monochloropropanediol Ester and Glycidyl Ester

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  • U.R. Unnithan


Sumwin’s patented technology for 3-monochloropropanediol ester (3-MCPDE) and glycidyl ester (GE) mitigation for the vegetable oil consists of 3 steps viz Liquid-Liquid Extraction, REDGEM® bleaching, and GE stripping. All these steps help achieve 3-MCPDE of less than 1.25 ppm and GE less than 0.5 ppm, which is 100% better than the current European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Guidelines. All this is achieved at the lowest operational expenditure cost (OPEX) of less than USD 2 per metric tonne (MT) in an environmentally sustainable way and guaranteed oil loss in wash water in liquid-liquid extraction of less than 0.1%. For palm oil mills, only one step of the above technology, i.e., liquid-liquid extraction, is required to reduce the chlorides to less than 2 ppm with a guaranteed oil loss in wastewater of less than 0.1%

Published : 2021-05-28