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Publishing your research in JOPPOR is simple and efficient. You will be guided through the submission process step by step and can interrupt this at any time and continue via User Home.
What you will need to complete the submission of your manuscript
We suggest you to keep the following information ready before starting your submission to save time:
  1. Title of the submission
  2. The abstract of the submission
  3. Author(s) name(s)
  4. Author(s) designation and organisation
  5. Author(s) e-mail contact
  6. Abstract
  7. Key words (max 10)
  8. Manuscript - Introduction to conclusion
  9. References
Submission Procedures
Manuscript submissions to Journal of Oil Palm  & Palm Oil Research must be made using the online system at Users are required to register when accessing the system for the first time. Information on user registration and manuscript submission is provided below. If you experience serious problems you can contact Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) manuscript office email: Questions related to the submission of a manuscript or changes in a manuscript submission should be submitted by the manuscript corresponding author. All correspondence from journal staff regarding a manuscript submission will be directed to the manuscript corresponding author.

Before submitting your manuscript, please make sure your manuscript has been formatted according to instructions provided below. Please make sure to use the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 or above to upload your manuscript.

Submission Instructions
Manuscript Digital Files Submission

Prepare your manuscript, including tables and figure legends, in Word 6.0 or later, saving the file in the .doc or .docx or PDF format. Embed Online Supporting Material (OSM) at the end of your text source file, after the references, tables and figures, and with appropriate page header(s)and label(s).

Manuscript Submission

As publisher of Journal of Oil Palm & Palm Oil Research, CPOPC holds the copyright on all Journal articles. All authors must read and sign JOPPOR. The completed manuscript should be uploaded through the manuscript submission site.


Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from any person mentioned in a personal communication or acknowledgment and for providing to the Editor a copy of the permission, if requested. Please include your manuscript number on all correspondence sent to the Manuscripts Editor.

Guidelines for Manuscript - Please read it Carefully

Manuscript Preparation

  • Prepare your manuscript in Word 6.0 or later, saving the file in the .doc/ .docx/ .PDF format.
  • Heading: Arial, Bold, font size- 10, font color- Black
  • Sub-heading: Arial, Bold, font size-10, font color- Black
  • Keywords (font type and size)-
    • Label: Arial, font size- 11, Bold
    • Content: Arial, font size- 10
  • Paragraph text: Arial, font size- 10, font color- Black, paragraphs are justified , a line of spacing after each paragraph
  • Author email, Date of publication, copyright clause etc. : Arial, font size: 8, font color- Black
  • Image Caption: Cambria, Bold, Underline, font size- 9, font color- Black (to standardize – the image caption are always below the image)
  • Table Caption: Cambria, Bold, Underline, font size- 9, font color- Black (to standardize – the table caption are always on the top of the table)

Manuscript submissions which are not formatted correctly are returned to authors.


For any information please mail us at